OTT Platform App – AIVA


OTT Platform App – Get started with your own Amazon Prime solution on-demand to enable video streaming OTT Platform  whenever and wherever they need, its the most in-demand solution.


OTT Platform App AIVA– Redefine the rules of the entertainment network by building your own video on demand and media streaming platform now. With TechnoFuels’s customized AIVA OTT Platform app and script, you can come up with the best app which can entertain you with millions of TV shows and movies. Our highly scalable and flexible app will suit all your requirements from adding features to modifying the front-end UI.

OTT Platform App – AIVA

Integrate all sorts of web series, live streaming shows, original documentaries, and movies of all genres in a single app. Enhance customer experience with our intricately designed OTT Platform  AIVA. Immortalize your streaming software in this new generation of entertainment seekers and boost your earnings.

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We offer:

  • Complete Source Codes
  • Free Deployment of Web & Admin & API
  • Free Rebranding of Apps
  • Publishing of Apps in Developer Accounts

AIVA Solution Reference – Click here along with apps for iOS Android compiled for you.


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