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Why Uber for X, Concept & Opportunities

Why Uber for X, Concept & Opportunities

Uber for X is the new thing and is the most demanded solution ever in the history of IT Solutions for SAAS.

The lives of the millennial generation are far different from the generations that came before us. We struggle to align our professional life with personal life and this sense of busyness often left us no time to carry out our personal to-dos.

The inception of the on-demand application concept was truly redeeming, which unseals an efficient way to manage and meet our regular needs. Today, as mentioned in the on-demand economy statistics, 86.5 Million Americans have hired at least one on-demand service provider this year. This 42% of the adult US population connotes the common emotion of Millennials towards digital on-demand businesses.

Also, in terms of market share and profit generation, the on-demand economy grew from $22 billion in 2015 to $34 billion last year. Above all, this annual income is predicted to reach a $57 billion mark by the end of this year. However, if you want some more potential reasons to try your hand at digital on-demand Uber for X business, let us make it more clear for you.

  • The on-demand market serves 7% of the total U.S economy
  • The annual on-demand transaction value is about to cross $57 billion by the end of 2018
  • Three years ago, only 76 on-demand businesses provided services across 6 industries. Now, a total of 280 on-demand businesses provide varied services across 16 industries

Read This Before You Build Uber for X

We still hear it all the time: “I’m building the Uber for X.”

That idea – an app that lets consumers get a specific service when they need it while giving service professionals (“pros”) immediate work – makes complete sense. It worked great for local transportation services, so why could it not be applicable across all types of industries? Anyone should be able to get any service they want efficiently, and the supplier of said services should be able to collect payment for rendering said services.

The problem, however, seems to occur in the execution of this idea. That is to say, technologists have been trying to use the Uber product as the exact roadmap to disrupt the entire service economy. We see this happen in an ever-increasing number of industries, from tutoring to dog walking to home cleaning to lawn care, and more. But something is amiss since we are also seeing an increasingly growing number of “Uber for X” failures.

The reason for this high failure rate is most founders underestimate the intricacies and nuances of the specific service industries they are trying to uberize. Where the service type lies on the skill vs. on-demand scale (visual included herein) must determine the founder’s product roadmap in order to maximize value for both consumers and pros. And maximizing value means providing max convenience for the client and max utilization rates for the pro.

The Consumer: Skill vs Schedule Needed

When you boil it all down, there really are just 2 core attributes that need to be evaluated before building an Uber-like product for the consumer:

1) Skill: How skilled does the pro need to be to perform the services requested by the client?

2) Schedule: When (and how often) do the services need to be rendered for the client?


Some services are considered “specialized”, others are considered “commoditized”. The closer the service is to a commodity, the smaller the range in service quality consumers will experience.

Take local transportation (i.e., taxis) as the perfect example.

The skill it takes to drive a passenger from point A to point B is not that demanding. Driving is something that practically everyone over the age of 18 knows how to do (i.e., a service commodity), and as a result, the cost per mile driven does not vary depending on which pro is doing the driving.

And due to the commoditized nature of the skill, the consumer request for said services can be done in “1 tap”.

The specification of the service is simple: I am located here and I want to go there. Even simpler, the Uber app takes it to another level of convenience– since GPS already knows where you are, you simply need to type in where you need to go. Ergo: simple service, simple request.

Additionally (sticking with taxis again here), there is little need for the consumer to find the “right” pro to drive them on Uber. Uber has a rating system, yes, however, the use-case is more to stave off outliers (i.e., insane people). Consumers are not that concerned if this next ride is going to be “up to par” with their previous ride. This limits the need to search and discover pros and also limits the need for repeat rides with the same pro.

However, if you need to get your garage door fixed (for example), that service request is a bit more complex. The scope of that service is more than just “1 tap”. Is the damage to the garage a dent or is something inoperable? When/how did the problem start? How big of a garage are we talking about here? Automatic or manual roll-up? You need a skilled professional to help with the specifics of the work needed, and you need a structured way to communicate the problem.

Or how about your aggressive dog needing training? The spectrum of who can train your pup can vary tremendously. The cost of this type of skilled service can range considerably depending on the qualification, experience, and accreditation of the trainer. As a result, the consumer wants to hand-pick either one or multiple professionals who seem to be the “right” person for the job.

The deeper the skillset required to perform a service, the less likely the traditional Uber model will work within the said service industry. The framework of the technology needs to be able to take into account the customization of any service or project needed, the upfront understanding if the pro is right for the job and the flexibility of communicating the intricacies of any service request.


There is a notion of immediacy when one says the word “on-demand”.

In reality, the meaning of on-demand not necessarily “now”, but “when I want it”.

In the taxi business, instant service (i.e., the “now”) is fundamental to the service itself. It is rare that one plans their day around transportation – typically it is the opposite. Transportation service is needed immediately when requested and is typically something that occurs in short spurts multiple times a day (think not just taxi, but the bus, subway, etc.). Uber’s “tap a button for service” execution is instrumental in reaching this goal.

However, if a consumer needs someone like a tutor or life coach or therapist, for example, then that is not something (or someone) they necessarily need within the next 2-4 minutes. Not only that, but service sessions do not just last a few minutes – they can be hours in length.

Due to the lead time and longer-duration service needs, a lot of scheduling logistics can take place behind the scenes – that means scheduling conflicts, re-scheduling needs, last-minute cancellations, no-shows, etc. To boot, for many skilled trades, the services rendered are not just a one-time thing – there can be standing appointments once a week, or a continual re-occurrence of sporadic bookings. The “one-and-done” model is out the window.

The scheduling element intertwines with skill when the consumer finds a highly skilled pro they trust and respect. The return on investment for a consumer of finding another pro who is as skilled and as easy to deal with logistically from the one they already have is extremely low – thus increasing the need for consumers to reschedule the pros they know and love. And for most professions, a consumer-pro relationship can last a lifetime.

The technology framework being built must not assume that ‘instant’ and ‘new’ are the default behaviors when it comes to a client booking a pro. In most cases, the platform must foster not only the recurring relationship between two parties but also support deeper logistics when it comes to planning the rendering of the services.

A visual of various service trades can be seen below, as to where they lie on the skill vs. urgency scale:

Maximizing Pro Utilization

Every pro wants the same thing: to make more money.

The most direct route to achieving that goal is to maximize utilization rates. That means ensuring that the pro’s calendar is filled up as much as possible with the highest margin customers.

It is important to note that for pros who are true entrepreneurs and want to build businesses, max utilization must be economical. If not, then pros end up being part of the on-demand / sharing economy with time spent on work and income earned not being sustainable. I believe there is a fundamental difference between an entrepreneur and a full- or part-time on-demand participant.

So, for pros delivering more skilled services, optimizing max utilization boils down simply to conversion and retention of customers.


The focus here must be on transparency (for the pro) of (a) the service request, and (b) their customer.

Pros need quick and easy access to the details of the service request coming in from the client. This feeds into not only how quickly the pro can respond, but more importantly the substance of their response. The response could require follow-up questions, a quote, a duration estimate, an intro call request, etc. That initial response is (in many cases) the first impression the pro can give to the consumer.

This is hugely important when the pro is attempting to communicate the competency of their skillset, which ultimately leads to getting the consumer to convert to a paying client.

The response of the pro also depends not just on the job, but on the customer. If a new customer reaches out for a service request, then will they be given a lower rate to increase the likelihood of conversion? If a returning customer, will they be fit in at an earlier slot on the calendar to keep them happy? If it is a notoriously frugal or slow-paying customer, does the pro bypass the request in the hopes of finding a higher quality client to fill up the time slot?

But for commoditized services, the focus on conversion is not meaningfully relevant. Whatever taxi shows up in front of a consumer waiting for a ride, chances are they are getting in. There is no sales pitch needed or convincing required.

No other taxi driver would be able to do a meaningfully better job driving someone across town, and customer pricing will not change based on the driver profile.

With conversion being the first step in getting that calendar filled for skilled pros, knowing the service and customer type is crucial in optimizing their conversion funnel. The pro-side framework must have quick access to details on the request and the customer history, in order to fully deliver conversion value.


Technology cannot necessarily miraculously make the pro more skilled at their job, but it can certainly help with the overall customer experience the pro provides their client.

Retention is important because with increased retention comes more visibility for the pro as to measuring their calendar utilization rates. This helps them more easily manage how much conversion improvement they need to focus on when it comes to new clients.

A lot of this ties into the “schedule” component discussed above which is all-important for the client. The scheduling element is also helpful for pros to stay organized in their own right. This then leads to a seamless and pleasant experience to their customers – and the happier clients are, the higher the likelihood they will return as repeat customers.

The work needs to be done right of course, but if scheduling hiccups, forgotten appointments, missed message replies, incorrect billing, etc. get in the way of the actual service being delivered, then that can cause churn. And for most skilled industries where repeat clients make up 50% of their annual sales, high churn can put a pro out of business.

Empowering pros with technology to directly communicate, seamlessly schedule, and properly bill customers will drive retention rates and small business success.

Before Building…

Before you go ahead and start building the next “Uber for X” product, make sure you have thought through some basic variables.

On the consumer side, think through what type of service industry you are trying to disrupt and where said industry falls on the skill vs. urgency graph (see the chart). This will steer you to focus on maximizing client convenience the right way.

As for the pro side, think through customer conversion vs. retention needs, and identify what balance would need to be optimized for the highest and most economical utilization rates.

At the end of the day, if the more time you focus on building to optimize the client-pro relationship, the higher chance of your platform’s success, cost also is a big factor but to help you out we have built many uber for x solutions to get you started easy and affordable.

Opportunities with Uber for X

In this document, we introduce the 20 most dynamic and potential on-demand business models, which you can adopt to kick-start an on-demand business like Uber for X.

On-demand App for Taxi Booking- For Optimized Commuting

The inception of Uber has transformed the face of modern-day commuting. Today, progressively more startups are being introduced in the market, and most of all, a novel system with digital influence is on the go. However, when it comes to an app like Uber, the most significant process involved in choosing whether to go with the app development from the scratch or go with the ready-made solution.

Have a look at our Zuber – Uber clone script, you can easily set a taxi booking app like Uber in no-time. And when you develop an app like Uber, Lyft, or Ola, you should focus and project simplicity, efficiency, and relevancy to create an interest among your targeted audiences. Incorporate only the relevant features, innovate, and improvise to influence your audience’s vibration.

On-demand App for Grocery- Order and Get your Products Delivered Immediately

A decade before, grocery shopping was just going to the nearby store and purchasing whatever we wanted. Now, the time has changed and the new-age online grocery ordering and delivery services have transcended shopping completely. With an on-demand app for grocery shopping, you are facilitating the shopping for common people.

And since you can shop anytime conveniently, more and more people are likely to be attracted to this concept. However, users should register by providing the required information. Similarly, service providers can list their business and reach more customers.

Have a look at uber for x our Go Grocery clone script

On-demand App for Food delivery- Fast and reliable food delivery

Online food ordering and delivery has become the new norm of the food business. Large restaurants from fast food shops, all now utilize the benefits of on-demand food delivery businesses. From a user perspective, it is the easiest way to access one of the most valuable resources on the earth. No closing hours or queues, you can book a meal within minutes and it will be delivered shortly without fail.

This is recommended as the best on-demand business opportunity for startups because of the astounding number of food startups. You can develop an on-demand delivery application and begin marketing the same to involve more users and service providers as well. And most importantly, you don’t need any physical space, kitchen, or anything. It all happens within your mobile application. Isn’t that remarkable?

Have a look at uber for x our uber eats clone / swiggy clone script

On-demand App for Health and Fitness Services- Transforming Your Habits is Easy Now

Health and fitness are among the most appreciating and popular trends of the world today. In fact, everyone is very much concerned and careful about what they consume and are intriguingly vigilant about their physique and looks.

On-demand health and fitness applications are for fitness freaks who seek a medium to efficiently manage exercise routines. It makes it simple for users to book an appointment at any fitness center or to find fitness instructors who can help them achieve their fitness goals. Similar to other business models, the service providers will get their deserved remuneration, whereas the commission to the website will be transferred to those who run this business of uber for x.

On-demand App for Plumbers- Exclusively for Plumbing and Repair Services

Uber for plumbers signifies the most prominent on-demand plumbing business as of now. However, the core requirement for a business-like Uber for plumbers is an efficient, robust mobile application. And once you are done with mobile application development similar to Uber, you can now commence finding more customers and responding to their emergency requests.

Anyhow, the outline of this on-demand plumbing services business model is quite simple. Service seekers are allowed to register into the platform just as the service providers. Further, these users can find and avail of the services provided by any particular service provider. Those who provide the uber for x service will receive a percentage of money, whilst the business receives a fair portion as a commission as well.

On-demand App for Beauty Services- Utilize the Digital to Ascend the Business Potential

No doubt that we humans are so concerned about our physical appearances. And we now have incredible beauty options that match our interests. On-demand beauty business centers on delivering flawless, unconstrained beauty services without any delay. Through the mobile application that is associated with your business, you can invite more customers, moreover, numerous professionals from this field of expertise.

A perfectly molded on-demand beauty app helps the users book appointments quickly and easily. Moreover, you can eliminate the vexatious waiting time and queue. When the users get their work done, the service providers will be given a major share of the profit generated and the uber for x business will receive a fair percentage as commission.

On-demand App for Laundry- Cleaning your clothes are not as hard as it seems before

Unlike many other services that I mention before, laundry services are something we need on a daily basis. And for someone who ought to develop a business around on-demand laundry services, there is no assurance needed other than his own personal experience.

We all encounter this situation in our day-to-day life and the notion of on-demand laundry application is the closest we have ever been to an easier solution to this kind of emergency service needs. The people who seek uber for x laundry services can join and find those who provide similar services. They can pay and avail of the service by providing mandatory information.

On-demand App for Logistics- For Streamlined Dispatch and Delivery

Aside from the taxi service Uber is offering, they have taken steps further to explore the logistics services as well. And the business model is somewhat similar to the previous on-demand service business models but has many differences in terms of functionalities and features.

Unlike conventional courier services, an on-demand courier app can eliminate the tedious process of doubtful goods management and tracking. It will issue real-time notifications to alert the concerned person about the shipment, also, it comes with a package delivery map and can also be tracked in real-time.

On-demand App for Health Experts- Your Health Rights Cannot Be Compromised

Just as food, water, and shelter, every life on this earth are worthy of their health rights. But, the greatest misery now is that we are unable to reach a major percentage of the population who seek medical assistance.

And when it comes to medicine and treatment, it’s all about the time, isn’t it? This is why we believe that an on-demand application for doctors is the easiest solution.

Guess, you are interested in commencing a business around this concept. All you do is connecting these two mutually dependent entities (Doctors & patients) and helping them contribute to one another for the benefit of both. And you can earn decent money by doing so, isn’t that amazing?

On-demand App for House Cleaning Services- Guess what! Everyone needs it

Keeping your personal space clean, tidy, and organized has a traceable impact on your mental and physical health. And certainly, we usually won’t compromise the time specified for that particular task for anything. But, at times we have to battle with time. And we can’t just leave these kinds of things that affect our health and welfare at stake as well.

Emergency house cleaning services are easy to avail of through mobile devices. The business and market possibilities of an on-demand house cleaning app are substantial and are indeed worth the gamble.

Whoever responsible for the uber for x business can set the commission and commence adding users and service providers, which they can further turn into an engagement or a potential conversion itself.

On-demand App for Electrical Services- Easy to avail, Efficient and Convenient

Energy is inevitable to run the world. Now, electricity plays a crucial part in our existence. This very significant form of energy needed to be taken care of, maintained, produced, and distributed uprightly. Sudden electricity breakdown or any other similar kind of disaster can create chaos and a sense of inconvenience.

In short, restoring the same is inevitable and any delay in service cannot be tolerated as well. An on-demand app for electricians is the easiest way to find the right service provider, and for the service providers and technicians, it is the most effective way to reach more potential clients.

A uber for x mobile application like Urbanclap can help you earn more than what you expect. Since the reach and rate of conversion are considerably high, this business model is one among the best considerable ones for passionate startupreneurs.

On-demand App for Pest Control Services- It’s a little creepy out here!

Human demands are sometimes a bit eccentric, isn’t it? Even though we have a million pest control remedies, eradicating notorious and poisonous pests completely from your living space can be a pretty tedious job. By developing an on-demand app for pest control services, you can aid people who are in need of such services.

Also, as you allow more and more experts to be partnering with your idea, you can give them free access to your wide set of audience. And by offering possibilities to place and market their skills in front of a potential audience, you are creating a mutually existing solution for the problem. The mode of revenue generation will be via website commission, which is also being set by the business alone.

On-demand App for Massage Services- Avail Soothing Massage at Your Doorstep

Similar to other services like health and fitness, babysitting, etc, you can also adopt a similar approach to form a business around massage services. The core requirement for this kind of business is a streamlined mobile app that allows users to join and find the relevant service providers.

Besides, the experts who listed their skills in your platform can engage with customers who are interested in service and further negotiate terms accordingly. However, the person or organization that is responsible for this business will receive a certain share of each transaction as commission.

On-demand App for Maids- Hire Babysitting Services Right Away

The demand for servants or household employees is growing day by day. In fact, it is hardly possible to find a reliable, affordable person to look after our children. The introduction of on-demand maid hiring services has made it simple for everyone to choose and hire the ideal person that suits their needs.

So, if you are someone who looks for a business opening or idea, this would be it. With the rising demand for household services, the possibility to succeed in this market sector is considerably higher when considering the other options.

Moreover, managing and running a digital on-demand business is not as tedious as everyone says. If the app associated with your businesses is built and optimized for business, then it’s absolutely effortless for you to move on.

On-demand App for Tutors- Flexible learning possibilities for everyone

On-demand education is yet another market segment that is expected to grow substantially in the coming years. Unlike other ways of learning, an on-demand tutoring app can help students connect with an expert or tutor. So, by providing flexible learning opportunities for everyone, you are fundamentally giving something to society.

While helping learners find and connect with experts from their field of the quest, tutors are proposed to offer proper guidance and clarification to those who seek knowledge. They will receive a fair percentage of every transaction happening, moreover, the website will get a fixed share as a commission as well.

Therefore, if you are interested to be involved in uber for x on-demand education, you need to focus on developing an efficient app, marketing your brand and services, etc.

On-demand App for PC Repairs- No More Waiting for the Technicians

Since the world has gone digital, we have also evolved and adapted to a new world enveloped in technology. However, our desperation to explore the unexplored and the digital addictions that often comprehended as futile has forced us to spend more time in front of the screen. And guess what! We are humans.

We mess up things. But we learn through failures, don’t we? Anyway, to bring back things to normal, we have to hire an expert, with whom we can rest our hopes. An uber for x on-demand app for PC repairs allow our kind to find the right person who can turn things for the better. You can choose and avail the right maintenance service without the hassles.

Also, the technicians will be provided with numerous business opportunities, which they can convert to potential outcomes by delivering world-class service. Along with service providers, the website or the person who owns the platform will receive a sure portion of the profit generated.

On-demand App for Mechanics- In Hour of Need

No matter how cautious you are, uncertainties are all part of the journey. We often encounter tough situations in our pursuit. For instance, you can possibly be trapped in the middle of a desert. And imagine that the car you are traveling in is not in a good shape to go further.

What makes us humans is our ability to change the situations to alter the reality we are trapped in. On-demand mechanics application is for those who seek emergency repairing services. You can search for proficient technicians near your location and avail their services by paying them.

The business possibilities for this notion of emergency services is clearly huge, hence we recommend potential startupreneurs to try their luck in this particular department.

On-demand App for Movers- Move Around Trouble-free

We, humans are complex beings and it’s been thousands of years, but we still didn’t learn to settle. However, this isn’t the case with shifting places around the town. In fact, to try comprehending the personal reasons for that is totally inappropriate.

What really matters is what we have done to facilitate the process of moving your valuable possessions. Building a business in relation to moving goods around is a great idea, especially in an opportune time in the history. As you succeed in developing a mobile application for your business, you can set demographics and begin inviting users as well as professionals to join your venture.

And then, all you have to do is to provide them with an easy, alluring navigation and experience that enable us to connect them. The rest will be taken care of.

On-demand App for Tow Truck- Instantly Move disabled, improperly parked, and impounded Vehicles

This may seem little unusual for a regular business idea. But, great possibilities are concealed within this notion of emergency truck services. Do you have any idea, how many accidents are happening every hour? More than a business, you can help people recover their vehicles and their lives at times.

Don’t you think that it’s worth a gamble? If so, create a mobile application that allows users to hire emergency tow truck services at their hour of great need. Provide simple, easy to use UI and place significant website components at right and findable positions to help them act on their intention precisely. Besides, you can earn a whole lot of money through website commissions as well.

On-demand App for Pets- Carry Your Pets wherever You Go

Uber has recently updated their animal policies and further launched a unique, but appreciable service that allows users to travel along with their animal friends. We incorporated this specific idea into this list of on-demand services specifically because of the optimistic concerns this concept.

And of course, you can borrow this business notion if you are an animal enthusiast. You will help people take their pets to the veterans or anywhere they want. Anyhow, just as a regular ride-hailing business, you will get a particular portion of every transaction as a commission.

Interested in On-demand Business? Mind If We Introduce our All-in-one On-demand Service Booking Solution?

To step into an already established and triumphing market can be horrifying. Countless questions will arise within your mind. Moreover, you should take care of the app development process as well. And guess what! You cannot bet on this part because this is what your business is all about. An efficient development demands a great deal of expertise, resources and money. This is often frustrating, isn’t it? Well, we have a solution for you.

Employ our fully-fledged on-demand service booking solution and frame an efficient mobile app for any on-demand niches you ought to penetrate. With this inventive solution, you can avail a primary website and two distinct (iOS and Android) applications for both service providers and seekers. And last but not least, you will be given an advanced admin dashboard to take control of your business.

Contact us to get more information regarding our products. Access our free product demo to comprehend our product potential.

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